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Novel solutions for a more organized and clutter-free kitchen

Of all rooms in the home, kitchen space always seems the most limited. Cupboards piled high with KitchenAids, slow cookers, blenders and the like, the small space can easily start to feel like a chaotic, claustrophobic warzone. If you’re still awaiting the master chef kitchen of your dreams, consider some of these clever solutions for a clutter-free kitchen.



It’s not uncommon for every kitchen cabinet, counter and drawer to be overflowing with gadgets that we sparingly use, but know we need to keep on-hand. It’s a frequent enough problem that Danish design company Normann Copenhagen has created a clever, award-winning solution. They’ve designed a beautiful collection of kitchen tools, all that that fold down to a fraction of the volume to comfortably fit in a drawer.

The rubber and steel colander is sturdy enough to handle any load of pasta, fruits, or vegetables, but folds down to the size of a small frisbee.



With every nook and cranny of your cabinets and drawers already occupied, one way to create extra storage is by making better use of your walls.

These Normann Copenhagen wall pockets are perfect for holding kitchen ephemera like utensils, tools, cleaning supplies, or cookbooks. They’re mounted on a sliding wall bracket, making them easy to clean when your new tomato sauce concoction goes a flyin’.You can also install a few simple hooks for hanging things like cutting boards and kitchen towels, freeing up a bit of extra space on your countertop.



Wall-Mounted Pocket Organizers 19€36€

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Stackable Enamel Cookware 230260€



While there’s never enough surface area in kitchen cabinets, there’s often plenty of unused vertical space. One may to make use of this dead zone is by investing in cookware and dinnerware that’s designed to be stackable.

Made by a family-owned, 200 year-old Austrian manufacturer, Reiss’s stackable kitchenware set is economical in design, and takes up as much space as one traditional pot. Pots and pans of the same diameter stack within each other, as do all of the accompanying lids. The cookware is not only beautiful, but top of the line, made with glass enamel coated steel, providing its durability and a smooth, grey glaze.


This stackable dinnerware collection from Hasami is made with a mixture of porcelain and clay that creates a matte finish and unique texture. With a modular design, this set can be easily stored, and becomes ornamental when mixed-and-matched in contrasting color.


Hasami Japanese Porcelain desde 7€